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Personal Journal Writing

Have you ever wanted to keep a journal but were blocked by a lot of "shoulds" that prevented you from even trying? Or maybe you did start writing, but then stopped--and now you are unsure how to "begin again?" New and seasoned journal keepers will benefit from this session that teaches selected writing techniques tailored to your hopes for personal growth, creative expression or life enhancement.

3 hour individual session. Schedule when it's convenient for you! Contact me for additional information.

$90/session (includes all writing materials)

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Putting Ink to Nurturing Knowledge-PINK Writing Group

PINK assists groups with a common bond to learn a writing process that supports their shared experience. Gather your friends and host a writing group in your home. The topics will be tailored to your shared interest and you will be renewed and empowered to use writing in ways to enhance your life.

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2 Hour Home Party--$25.00 per person (4 person minimum)


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