The Founder of Wisdom Writing


My name is Nancy Steinkamp and I believe strongly that each of us has a story to tell and wisdom to share. When we write, we increase the chance that we will learn from our experiences. Even at a young age, we can begin to develop insight.

I began writing at ten years old, when I was given the gift of a little locked diary. The book beckoned me to record my "secrets," but limited the entry to 5 lines per day. I quickly outgrew this restriction since more space and choices were needed to express myself. Over the years, I used my journal to create art and to explore many dimensions in my life. From the quiet whisper of intuition to the organized structure of managing projects, I developed a reflection process that allowed me to learn from my life.

While working as a recreation therapist in upstate New York, I have been inspired. The stories of people living with disability, chemical dependency, chronic pain and illness have deepened my respect for how we overcome challenges in life. So I am very excited to offer wisdom writing as the next chapter in my work.

I have studied with Kathleen Adams from the Center for Journal Therapy and the Therapeutic Writing Institute. I am also connected to a wide network of passionate instructors in this field. As a certified instructor of Journal to the Self® I offer this 12 hour series created by Kathleen Adams as well as other workshops tailored to your needs.

If you would like additional information about scheduling a workshop or simply would like to connect, please contact me.